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Kiprop Bundotich
Group Executive Director & Founder

The founder of Buzeki Group of Companies, has an immense wealth of experience spanning more than 14 years in the transport and dairy industry which has been greatly utilized to provide a solid foundation for the Group’s ventures.

As the regional dairy sales manager for Kilifi Plantations between 1998 to 2000, Mr. Kiprop Bundotich headed an aggressive sales team and ensured successful milk sales volumes record driving to profitability and maintained 80% milk volume share in the Coast Province. Later on for 8 years (2000 -2008) he pioneered the introduction of Tuzo Milk and became the largest milk distributor in Coast Province for SpinKnit Kenya Limited (Tuzo Brand).

In 2004, Mr. Bundotich diversified into the transport business under Buzeki Enterprises Limited and managed to get contracts with corporate institutions like Bamburi Cement Ltd., UN-WFP etc.

In May 2008, he initiated a processing and packaging division for dairy products named Buzeki Dairy Limited. He acquired the first plant in Kilifi with a production output of 25K/litres/day under the brand name “New KilifiGold”. In March 2010, he acquired the second plant located in Mau Summit, Molo with a production output of 80K/litres/day under the brand name “Molo Milk”.

Mr. Bundotich oversees all the group’s overall strategic policies and operations. He plays a chief role in providing strategic direction for the Group, initiating infrastructure plan, strategizing for contract awards and customer relationship building, and also ensuring the long term corporate image and social responsibility for the Group. He holds a higher international diploma in Sales and Marketing from Cambridge University and also holds the degree in sales and marketing from American University. He has attended various professional courses in Management and Leadership. He was the past Chairman of Kenya Transport Association Executive Committee, Kenya Chapter (2008-2010).

Diana Jepchumba Bundotich
Group Finance Director

She is responsible for the overall financial health of the Group’s business portfolios. Other key responsibility areas include coordination with the Group’s General Manager to provide financial plan, forecast, budgets, cost accounting, bank issues, advice on financial decisions, and negotiations on best rates for loans.

She holds a Bachelor Degree of Commerce - Accounting & Marketing option from Daystar University and has 6 years’ experience in similar managerial capacity. She is currently pursuing her Masters’ in Business Administration at Nairobi University.

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