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Buzeki Enterprises Limited is one of the most reliable and reputable haulage companies in East Africa and its fleets are easily identifiable as they are painted in the companies' corporate colours, white and blue. We take pride in our huge fleet of white and blue trucks which have become a popular feature on the road. The company takes care to ensure they have the latest safety features and modern technology.

The fleet consists of a mixture of general cargo trucks, flat beds for carrying containers, tippers for ferrying goods, as well as refrigerated tankers and are fitted with the latest tracking systems, enabling constant monitoring from a central Control room. This ensures conformity of a vehicle's journey plan and abidance to the Company driving rules.

Today Buzeki Enterprises Limited is in the process of investing in the installation of Cargo tracking systems which is of vital importance for tankers, and container cargo, wherein it alerts if there is any tampering or opening of the doors or hatches.


These are the simplest form of trailers, principally being a steel frame for the hauling of shipping containers.


The petroleum fleet, consists of tankers for carrying oils like standard grades of petroleum, Aviation fuel, Kerosene, Diesel and LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). At Buzeki Enterprises Limited we also haul refrigerated liquids like Milk.


As the name implies, these vehicles are capable of lifting the trailer and 'tipping' their cargo into specialised hoppers, holding areas or other such areas as the client requires. Tippers are primarily used for the transportation of bulk goods, like sand, ballast and certain agricultural commodities. They can however, also be used to carry bagged goods, able to be 'dumped' without damage on arrival at delivery site. Buzeki Enterprises Limited brags of running one of the newest fleet of tippers of the transportation industry in the region.

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