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Buzeki Enterprises Limited is the flagship company of Buzeki Group of Companies, a fast growing business conglomerate with a global vision. Under the ownership of local Kenyan entrepreneurs, Buzeki Enterprises Limited, which is centrally managed has a global vision and a regional focus. The Buzeki Group was incepted in 1999 with a view to provide a wide range of transport services in Kenya and the larger East and Central Africa regions. Buzeki is a multi-faceted business Group with interests and representation in various sectors of the economy.

Buzeki Enterprises Limited is a locally owned and registered company in the transport business within the East Africa Region. The rapidly expanding regional markets have given rise to a growing need for quality transport services to meet the requirements of various industries like Manufacturing, Distribution and Agriculture among others. More than just transport services, such needs would call for an organization which would also instill and guarantee professionalism leading to total customer value and satisfaction while addressing the crucial needs in transportation. The visionaries behind the Buzeki Group realized this fact and promptly responded to this challenge by creating the Transport division in 2004 - the Buzeki Enterprises Limited!

Buzeki Group has become a name of repute for professionalism in transport operations, reinforcement of safety standards and the ability to maintain quality “as-scheduled” delivery. As a dynamic organization focused to exceptional customer quality and safety, Buzeki Enterprises Limited always thrives to maintain sufficient and efficiently operating fleet that may respond to any volume of customer needs at any given time.

Buzeki Enterprises Limited today has become one of the foremost companies in the logistics sector and takes pride in providing distinct, most reliable and good quality transport services to our clientele. We emphasize on good service and efficiency to ensure that our clients get good value for money. We always ensure that all our fleets are well maintained and always conform to transport licensing (TLB) requirements. Our fleet is operated by a law-abiding workforce.

With a focus on achieving operational excellence our management always attempts to promote and strengthen effective time management skills in employees as a means of shortening the period of services.

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